We are The Party Booth Guys.

We’ll bring the fun and entertainment, all we ask is that you provide the guests, and maybe some chips; that’s our second favorite thing after parties. Dip is optional.


Customise the heck out of your photo booth hire! We have a sweet range of photo strip designs, super fun backdrops and an awesome range of props and party packs that you can choose from. But don’t let us hold you back… If you’re the designy / DIY type of person, or you’re working with a stylist, then go totally nuts… let’s all work together to create something fully amazing and completely you.


Go your hardest! For the time that you’ve hired the photo booth, you can use it as much as you like. Want a photo with your partner? No problem. Want a photo with that waiter serving your table? Go for it. Partner AND the waiter? Why not?! It’s your booth, use it all you like. After each session, we’ll print you a set of duplicate prints that you can take home to stick on the fridge door.


Ahh! Props. It wouldn’t be a photo booth without props. We’ve literally scoured the world over for hands-down the best props you can get. None of the cheesy stuff – it’s all style and class here. Having a themed event? Let us help you find some stuff that will really step things up a notch.